maridaily asked: I Love Your Blog.But Wondering Hoe Does Michael Inspire You??

Thanks! Well, I guess I think about other people more because of MJ. I’ve started donating more to charities, I’ve applied for some volunteer positions in hospital and with kids, I have a rare blood type so i’ve started donating. I’ve applied for a nursing course because of him. I’ve realised that we only have each other, and even if we don’t have a lot, we always have something to give. </corny> haha 

And he taught me if you put all your heart and effort into something you can pretty much achieve anything. 

"March 5 1989: Michael Jackson takes 200 disadvantaged children from St. Vincent’s Home for Dysfunctional Children and from Big Brothers and Big Sisters to Circus Vargas in Santa Barbara California. He waves, jokes, laughs and generally clowns around, enjoying the circus as much as the guests."
— Michael Jackson: A Visual Documentary 
jennasty-deactivated20140427 asked: I've been a Michael fan since literally age 3, and I have never heard his voice like in that 2000 watts song! It was like a whole new person. I cherish this blog, 'cause we definitely have this obsession in common.

You can kind of count the last few seconds of You Can’t Win. But it’s not the same, I really wish he used it more. 

Thank you <3 

Anonymous asked: so i saw your response to that person who asked about his cologne, i was wondering if you also knew what brand of make up he wore?

I really don’t know this one, I’m afraid. 

"Don’t believe all the strange stories that people make up about me."
— Michael Jackson | August 29th 1988
sodangerous asked: Billie Jean for Number one has started a twitter account :)

Brilliant! Thanks for letting me know. 

Everyone: Don’t forget to join the facebook group too 

snobbishness-deactivated2011102 asked: every time I listen to 2000 watts, it's like one big mindfuck. the guy had serious range! I heard it was a larger range than whitney houston and christina aguilera. I wonder if he talked deeper in private too. I wish I could have been a fly on the wall.

I heard that too! His voice is just incredible. I think he talked deeper than people think he did. - Me too! 

"Michael Jackson is really funny. To have time to spend with him and actually be around him, he’s not what people think he is."
— Will Smith
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