“Oh God no.  We had many talks about that (his looks).  He had that inner light and he always considered himself to be extremely ugly.    He said he’s not a handsome man.  ‘That’s why I don’t do interviews and I don’t go on talk shows.’  He said ‘First of all, I don’t lead an interesting life, I work all of the time’ (and that’s what he did, he worked all of the time).

He never did really understand that he had that inner light.

Sitting and talking to Michael I would look into his eyes and I could see for 1,000 miles.  He had these most incredible eyes.  They come off good on film, but nothing like in person.  When you’re actually sitting across there looking at him.  Those eyes were unbelievable.  There were times it would just stop me in my tracks and there were times I’d be around him where I’d kind of forget who he was and then it would dawn on me….’I’m sitting here next to Michael Jackson.’  I never really got over that.  There were times he would do these quick little step things and they were like lightening.  It was just so quick, so precise and just amazing.” - David Nordahl

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