News: Forest Lawn Will Open Their Doors’ On June 25th

Michael Jackson’s brother Randy has revealed that fans of the late singer will be able to visit his grave. 

According to X17, the Jackson family are planning a memorial for the star to be held on the anniversary of his death. The service will serve as the opening of the grave to the public. 

"I just had a meeting with Forest Lawn and beginning on June 25, the anniversary of my brother’s death, fans will be able to go right up to the mausoleum and drop off flowers and pay their respects," Randy said.

"Michael loved his fans, and the family wants to make sure that the fans are able to celebrate his incredible life."

He added: ‘We are so thankful to know that our brother’s fans still love him as much as we do.”


What do you guys think about this?

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  2. frannybagels answered: that’s awesome! i was hoping the family did this, us fans want to pay our respects as well!
  3. hiphopfightsplaque answered: i just hope things don’t get to crazy. and i hope paparazzi don’t start some bs
  4. itsadisneythang answered: forest lawn should have fans make reservations (for free of course) for certain days so that it won’t be crowded (just in case)
  5. maarnayeri answered: I just hope the fans act civilized, but I’m gonna go lol these are times I’m grateful to live in L.A. :)
  6. workindayandnight answered: I know there will be a lot of people there but I still plan on attending!
  7. loveabledork answered: that was really nice of them to give fans a chance to see MJ. I hope there will b no chaos though.
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    fuck my life being on the wrong fucking continent I SHOULD BE THERE ASDFGHJKL;
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  10. unicornrainbows answered: I wanna go so bad. The crowds are gonna be crazy, I’m sure.
  11. mj-rocks answered: cool… Anyway for me is just the same. I will not go.
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    ugh, I’d love to go SO bad but I know it’s never going to happen. It just sucks knowing that other people will be there...
  14. iwannabewhereyouare answered: I’M GONNA BE THERE (I’m going to try HARD to be there, but I don’t know D:)
  15. xxinmoscow answered: All I gotta say is that it’s about freaking time. THIS IS WHY I LOVE RANDY!
  16. deshahasspoken answered: iyygyiguogo!
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