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Michael Jackson-Vibe Magazine Photoshoot 1995 

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Blood on the Dance Floor live



The second TDCAU video was shot in a New York prison and was immediately banned by networks due to its montage of disturbing images, including police beatings, war, genocide, and starvation. Because of the ban (ironically), most people have never seen the prison version, which is one of the boldest videos of Jackson’s career. The prison setting carries profound implications not merely about the plight of literal prisoners, but also about the condition of ordinary people in a society disciplined by constant surveillance and a more internalized form of power. Jackson delivers his message dressed as a prisoner himself. Along with his fellow inmates, he brashly defies the status quo, jumping on tables, raising his fist, and leading an uprising of table-pounding prisoners to demand justice and humanity. “Some things in life they just don’t want to see,” he sings. Yet in the video, Jackson makes sure some of these disturbing realities are revealed. It wasn’t as fun or easy to watch as “Beat It”, but certainly reinforced the song’s powerful expression of outrage at injustice.

- Man in the Music

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MJ really was a G though…

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