I’m sure all of us can remember where we were five years ago. I remember sitting glued in front of the tv for hours, praying that it wasn’t true, my blood running cold. Michael Jackson has been my inspiration for as long as I can remember. His music inspired me, comforted me, became a part of me.

Michael’s music is so influential that it will survive the decades. His talent broke down so many barriers, achieved new levels of excellence and innovation, inspired generations. Through his music he lives on. His music brought so many people together, and brought so many amazing people into my life. I’m so thankful for that. Michael’s music has been a soundtrack to my life and will continue to be until I die.

I believe the best way we can remember and honour Michael Jackson is by sharing the truth of his character with others. His message of love and his humanitarian efforts should overshadow the lies and scrutiny that sadly followed him throughout his life. He left such a legacy of love and I think it’s such an amazing way we can remember him, by being kinder to each other and helping heal the world in any small way we can.

Michael’s death was devastating and I miss him every day. Today my love goes out to his family, especially his mother and children.

five years…

can you believe it

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Michael Jackson Questions

I’ve had a lot of people asking me to do this, so here you go:

1. What’s your earliest memory of being an MJ fan?
2. What’s your ultimate Michael Jackson song on a summer playlist?
3. What one MJ song sums up how you’re feeling right now?
4. If you could choose only one, which tour or performance would you have liked to seen live? Why?
5. Favourite leading lady or celebrity guest in one of his music videos/short films? Why?
6. Favourite ever outfit?
7. That one MJ song that makes you happy like no other?
8. If you could choose ten songs to convert someone to being an Michael Jackson fan, which songs would you choose?
9. Best shared experience of being an MJ fan? (Like meeting other fans, seeing him live, going to a meet-up, having a collective experience listening to his music etc)
10. Favourite inspirational lyric or quote?
11. Do you have/want an MJ tattoo? What is it/would it be?
12. If you could say one thing to Michael Jackson what would it be?
13. What do you think are the best ways to honour his memory and legacy?
14. Have you ever done any MJ fanart or written fanfiction?
15. What song do you wish had been released and had a music video?
16. What song do you listen to when you need cheering up?
17. Do you own any Michael Jackson clothing?
18. What do you think of impersonators?
19. Have you ever considered being more charitable because of Michael’s humanitarian work?
20. How has Michael Jackson influenced you?

Dirty Diana, no

Dirty Diana, no

Michael Jackson feat. Justin Timberlake, Love Never Felt So Good

love never felt so good

love never felt so good

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You’re doin’ wrong

You’re doin’ wrong

Just want everyone to know that I’m still around! Michael will always be the love of my life, my main inspiration and everything, but I only post when I feel like it these days

Lupita Nyong’o has been racking up award nominations—and will surely add a notice from Oscar to that tally later this week—for her heartbreaking performance as Patsey in12 Years a Slave.

Thanks, in part, to Michael Jackson?

"There’s something very Michael Jackson-like about Patsey—the childlike quality he always had," Nyong’o says in the February issue of Dazed and Confused, which also features her on the cover, talking about how she went about playing that very difficult role. ”She had her childhood stripped away from her suddenly as soon as she became of sexual age.”

My first tattoo. It says “love always” in MJ’s handwriting

My first tattoo. It says “love always” in MJ’s handwriting

A set of three never-before-seen photos of Michael Jackson are up for auction. The photos were taken by Burt Harris July 13 1985 at the Budweiser Superfest.

These pictures have never been seen by the public and are from the photographer’s private collection of Michael Jackson. After a phone call from a friend, the photographer had less than an hour to grab his camera and shoot the King of Pop while he performed at this show.

“These are taken at a Jazz Festival where Quincy Jones was the last artist to perform. He saw Michael running down the aisle and jumped up on stage to give the audience about a 45 min performance before Q could close the show.” - Burt Harris

.Place your bids here.